Trees In Action Photo Contest

***Voting on this year's entries is now open.  "Like" your favorites on our Facebook page.

The trees in our community are constantly working to provide a wide variety of benefits every day. Through the new Trees in Action Photo Contest, Urban Forestry wants to see residents' perspectives of our local trees doing what they do best. To enter, participants will submit a photo that visually illustrates a tree providing a specific benefit, such as shade, wildlife habitat, or erosion prevention. See below for more information about the contest and rules.

What are some benefits of trees that I can capture in my photo?

The possibilities are broad, but the resources below list many tree benefits that could give you some ideas:
Morton Arboretum
Trees Are Good
Alliance for Community Trees

Trees in action 1

How do I take a photo of a "tree in action"?

Urban Forestry encourages creativity in entries! Trees are providing all types of benefits all the time, but entries should show that benefit being experienced by someone/something. In example, rather than showing a tree by itself in a field for the benefit of “shade”, a photo of a person sitting on a park bench beneath a tree’s canopy actually illustrates that benefit. Trees provide wildlife habitat, but what evidence can you spot that shows this habitat? A nest? A foraging animal? Pay attention to the details and be creative! We look forward to seeing the ideas that participants come up with.

Who may enter?

The contest winner must reside within Edmond City Limits. If you are not sure whether you live in Edmond (the boundaries can be deceiving), check out this helpful tool. Entries must be original photos from within the Edmond area, taken by the person submitting them.

How do I submit my entry?

The entry deadline for the 2017 contest has passed, but voting is now open until noon on September 13th!  Pick your favorites in the Facebook album by giving them a "like".

How is the winner selected?

After the entry deadline, submissions will be uploaded into an online photo album for voting by the public. Once the voting deadline has passed, the participant whose entry received the most votes will win a tree!