Construction Site Runoff Control

The 5 Pillars of Construction Management

In order to effectively manage construction stormwater, one must manage:

  1. Communication - The BEST management practice; effectiveness focused
  2. Work - implementation focused
    • A contractor will properly manage a site if compensated appropriately and if the owner's and inspector's expectations are presented up front. Regulatory personnel should "inspect what you expect".
  3. Water - cause focused
    • Diversions and conveyances direct runoff around and away from disturbed areas so construction site superintendents only have to manage the precipitation that falls on the site.
  4. Erosion - source focused
    • Erosion control limits exposed soil making it less susceptible to wind or rain transport.
  5. Sediment - symptom focused (least effective)
    • Sediment control uses BMPs designed to capture moving sediment and stop it from leaving construction sites. that order!

The Power of Water

Doubling the velocity of water, increases:
  • Its erosive energy by 4 times
  • The mass of soil being transported by 32 times
  • The size of the particle being carried 62 times

Sediment Impact

The sediment leaving construction sites impacts drainage systems and ultimately pollutes streams and rivers. Major impacts include:
  • Addition of harmful nutrients, bacteria, heavy metals
  • Decreased water clarity and available oxygen levels needed to sustain aquatic life
  • Degradation of stream bank habitats and stream stability

How You Can Help

You can help protect streams and rivers by reporting erosion and sediment concerns before they become a problem for the environment.

City Inspection Form

This is the form that the City of Edmond's Water Quality Specialists use when inspecting construction sites:
Download the Inspection Form.

Permittee Inspection Form

Construction sites greater than or equal to one acre require a OKR10 Construction General Permit from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) (2017 version). The permit requires inspections at least once every 14 days or within 24 hours of a 0.5'' of rainfall. If your site is covered under the OKR10, an Inspection Report Template has been designed to assist you create an inspection report form customized to the specific circumstances of your project and that complies with the minimum reporting requirements of OKR10 Part 4.3.13. Note that the use of this template is optional; you may use your own inspection report form provided it includes the minimum information required by OKR10 Part 4.3.13.
Download the Permittee Inspection Form.

City of Edmond Construction Standards

View the General Construction Drawings for:
  • Excelsior mat and ditch liner
  • Silt Fence
  • Straw bale dike
  • Temporary rock construction entrance