Edmond Plan IV


The Edmond Plan IV is the City's comprehensive plan, which acts as a general guide for how the city should grow and develop over the long-term. Edmond Plan IV achieves this by:
  • Documenting a desired future vision for the community
  • Examining current issues and trends that will likely influence the community
  • Providing goals, policies, and implementation tools to see that the vision is achieved


The City of Edmond has been actively planning for growth and development throughout its history with comprehensive plans being updated at regular intervals. In 1984 the city placed new emphasis on the comprehensive plan by adopting the Edmond Plan by ordinance and requiring formal City Council approval for amendments. The planning process has placed a strong emphasis on citizen involvement to ensure that the comprehensive plan reflects the values and desires of its residents. Edmond Plan IV builds upon previous plans, incorporating elements that remain relevant and revising others that require updating to reflect current conditions.

Why a New Comprehensive Plan is Necessary

Though comprehensive plans are typically prepared for a 20-year horizon, a plan can never account for or predict all of the changes experienced by a community. As a result, it is recommended that comprehensive plans be updated at approximately five-year intervals. Regular updates ensure that the plan:
  • Accounts for changing development trends and issues
  • Amends elements of the previous plan that have not been as effective as originally intended
  • Identifies new opportunities and strategies for achieving the community's vision
  • Is based on current and accurate demographic information
  • Reflects current community needs, values, and desires