The Edmond Plan


The Edmond Plan IV is the City's comprehensive plan, a policy document for how the city should grow and develop over the long-term. Edmond Plan IV achieves this by:

  • Documenting a desired future vision for the community
  • Examining current issues and trends that will likely influence the community
  • Providing goals, policies, and implementation tools to see that the vision is achieved

It's Time for an Update

Plan IV was adopted in 2007 and a lot has changed since then. Planning staff are currently working to update The Edmond Plan to ensure that it remains relevant and useful.

In 2016, the City of Edmond began the process of updating Edmond Plan IV. The update includes analyses of the current land use patterns and existing conditions, community outreach, stakeholder input, and review and inclusion of future City projects. That input has been assembled into The Edmond Plan, 2018 which will act as the city’s comprehensive plan once approved and adopted.

As Edmond’s comprehensive plan, The Edmond Plan, 2018 captures the long-term vision for the community, establishes policies and actions intended to achieve that vision, and establishes priorities regarding public investments and the provision of efficient city services.

Plan Categories and Map:

An important tool used to achieve the long-term vision and goals of a community is a land use map. The Edmond Plan, 2018 consolidates the general plan categories, character districts, land use categories, planning districts, and land use development alternatives included in Edmond Plan IV into one map with 21 Plan Categories. Plan Categories include the context and character important to each category, and how physical elements like open space, building types, and transportation infrastructure play a part in defining those spaces.