Start, Stop or Move Service

Start Service

New Customers: 

  • Complete the New Service Application
  • You must be 18 and have a valid government-issued picture I.D.
  • If Renting, you must provide a copy of your lease.
  • There is a $25 processing fee that is added to the first bill.
  • Deposit is required unless a qualifying Letter of Prior Payment History from an Electric Provider is received.

About New Water Service: 

  • On the day service connection is scheduled, plan for someone to be present at the premises. If not, make sure all taps are turned off. If the City attempts to connect the water service and finds an open tap, the water will not be left on.

Stop Service

  • If you are moving out of our service area, call (405) 359-4541 to close your account. If there is a refund due, a check will be mailed with the final statement.

Move Service

  • If you are an existing customer who has service in your name, service can be established or transferred by calling (405) 359-4541.