Water Resources


Edmond’s award-winning Water Resources is comprised of two divisions.
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Edmond's Coffee Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility was selected as a BRONZE - Project of the Year Award Winner at the APWA OK 2019 Awards.

Edmond's Elevated Storage Tower (Northwest Water Tower) was selected as the 2018 APWA Public Works Project of the Year.

Edmond's Coffee Creek Water Resources Recovery Facility won the 2015 Outstanding Large Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year award, presented by the Oklahoma Water and Pollution Control Association.

In 2010, the water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant each received the Outstanding Large Plant of the Year Award from the Oklahoma Water Pollution Control Association. The first time was ten years ago, in 2005, when both of Edmond’s plants were acknowledged with these awards. Cities can only win the award once every five years.

The same year, Water Resources achieved 100% compliance with all regulations and restrictions for drinking water quality and wastewater treatment.

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