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Posted on: May 5, 2017

City of Edmond Chicken Ordinance to Change April 26

Beginning on Wednesday, April 26th, qualifying Edmond residents can apply for a permit allowing them to keep chickens or laying hens on their property.  The $25 one-time permit must be purchased at the Edmond City Clerk’s Office located at 24 East First Street.  Applicants will need to present their driver’s license, City of Edmond utility bill and the $25 fee payment. 

In order for a property to qualify for housing chickens or laying hens, it must have a minimum area of 30,000 square feet (0.68 acres).  Residential lots exceeding 217,800 square feet (5 acres) or property zones “General Agriculture” do not require a permit.  Property sizes will be solely determined by utilizing Oklahoma County Assessor property records.   

Based upon the lot size, the number of chickens or laying hens allowed are as follows: 

-          0.68 – 1 Acre: 2 – 8 Chickens/Laying Hens 

-          1.01 – 2 Acres: Up to 12 Chickens/Laying Hens 

-          2.01 – 3 Acres: Up to 18 Chickens/Laying Hens 

-          3.01 – 4 Acres: Up to 24 Chickens/Laying Hens 

-          4.01 – 5 Acres: Up to 30 Chickens/Laying Hens  

Additionally, all property owners will need to check with any applicable homeowner’s association (HOA) to determine neighborhood rules.  This ordinance and permit does not supersede any HOA rules regarding chickens or laying hens. 

Full details of requirements for owners of chickens or laying hens can be found at  Additional questions regarding permits can be directed to the City Clerk’s Office at 359-4555.