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Posted on: May 19, 2017

City of Edmond Recognizes National Public Works Week, May 21-27

The City of Edmond will celebrate National Public Works Week May 21-27. This is a time to show thanks for the entire behind the scenes efforts our Public Works employees put forth in helping make Edmond a great place to grow.

“We have a very dedicated group of employees who continually prove their efforts by providing trustworthy service through continuous improvement. We are grateful to show our appreciation to each of them,” said Herb Blomquist, Director of Public Works.

Public Works employees are behind the scenes working for residents. In Edmond, Public Works maintains the public roadways, public drainage systems within the right-of-way, street lights, traffic signals, traffic signs, and pavement markings. Public Works maintains the distribution of quality water, collection of wastewater, and all City of Edmond buildings and vehicles. They also provide commercial collection, residential curbside collection, recycling, and bulk items, as well as manage the household hazardous waste pick up program.

Hardly a minute of the day goes by without and individual being served by some Public Works activity. Streets to take us to work, school, or the store…traffic control systems and streetlights to make streets safer…storm sewers to convey rainwater so our homes don’t flood…sidewalks to allow our pedestrians to move safely…sanitary disposal of all of our waste, thereby promoting a clean and environmentally-healthy community. Take away any of these facilities or services and, very quickly, the fabric of community life begin to crumble.

The impact of Public Works for our community goes even deeper. Industry and businesses in our community could not exist without the infrastructure, transportation networks, and water disposal facilities provided by Public Works. In fact, the quality of Public Works service and community infrastructure are selling points in attracting economic development into our community which means more jobs and tax revenue.

Your nationally accredited Public Works department is here to preserve and enhance the quality of life in Edmond. National Public Works Week is the perfect time for us to remind you of what we do and to let you know that we are always there to serve you!

The City of Edmond Public Works employees will be honored with a BBQ luncheon on Wednesday, May 24, at the Cross Timbers Complex.