News Releases

Posted on: October 26, 2017

Residents & Businesses Urged to Winterize Irrigation Systems

With freezing temperatures coming, Edmond city officials are reminding residents and businesses to winterize irrigation systems and to disconnect water hoses. Without winterizing, irrigation systems often leak water into the streets and sidewalks, wasting water and creating potentially hazardous situations for pedestrians and motorists.

“Even while days may be warmer, irrigation systems commonly run at night or early morning when a dangerous sheet of ice can be created on nearby sidewalks and roads,” said Director of Community Image Ryan Ochsner. “Taking just a few minutes to winterize can help greatly.”

City officials recommend if there is vegetation requiring water, to hand water the area with a water hose and disconnect when finished. By disconnecting the hose, you reduce the potential to damage plumbing during the freezing temperatures.

Creating hazardous conditions on the roadway violates city ordinance 10.48.010 and could lead to liability for the property owner. To see a complete list of city ordinances please visit


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