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Tree Mail: Winter 2017
edmond tree mail
Volume 5, Issue 1

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Volunteer Event Schedule
Our new and improved volunteer program is going strong, and we are excited about the year of events that is ahead. Find out what we have planned for 2017 and how you can get involved…

Arbor Week
Arbor Week is an annual celebration of trees and the benefits that they provide, which this year falls during the week of March 20th. Urban Forestry has several opportunities available for Edmond residents to take part in the celebration this year! Learn more about how you can join in the celebration…

Trees in Action Photo Contest

Because trees grow slowly and stand otherwise still and steadfast, most people don’t really perceive them as active beings. Truthfully, however, trees are constantly working to provide a wide variety of benefits every day. As part of the Edmond Tree Awards, Urban Forestry is introducing a new contest derived from that idea this spring—the “Trees in Action” photo contest. Read about what that entails and how to enter…

Tree Well Maintenance

A tree well provides space around the trunk of a tree that is free of grass or weeds and is often covered with mulch. Tree wells, when done correctly, contribute to a tree’s overall health by providing several benefits, but some common practices can cause more harm than good. Learn how to maintain a tree well that will improve your landscape without causing tree stress…

What is Urban Tree Canopy?
The four issues of Tree Mail this year will each focus on a different aspect of Urban Tree Canopy. The best place to begin is with a definition – what tree canopy is, what it looks like, and how Edmond measures it. Read on to gain a better understanding of tree canopy in Edmond…

Tree Species Highlight
This season’s tree species highlight features the sweetbay magnolia, a small, semi-evergreen tree with multi-seasonal interest that happens to be on this year’s Foster-A-Tree species list. Find out more about the species and sign up to receive one of the few that are left...

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