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CodeRED Emergency Notification System
About CodeRED
CodeRed is a state-of-the-art voice messaging system that the City of Edmond will use to alert residents and businesses about weather emergencies, homeland security issues, missing children or adults, evacuation orders, local criminal activity, and other situations that require immediate dissemination of crucial information.

How it Works
The CodeRED dialing system attempts each telephone number up to 3 times and will leave a message on your answering machine if you have one.

Register for CodeRED
If you are a resident or business owner in Edmond, you can register for the City of Edmond's CodeRED Emergency Notification System where you will enter the information requested. You can add other telephone numbers, such as cell phone numbers or out-of-county / state phone numbers as long as each is associated with your Edmond address.

CodeRED Messages
There are no CodeRED messages at this time.

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