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Heat Pump Rebate Plan
Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling capabilities in one system, using refrigeration equipment to supply warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Electric heat pumps do not burn fuel to make heat. Instead they move existing heat from one place to another. In the winter, the unit takes heat from outside and pumps it into your home. In the summer, it takes heat from inside and pumps it outside, just like a central air-conditioning unit. Heat pumps have a higher overall efficiency rating than other systems, because they move heat rather than generate it.

We encourage our residential customers, HVAC contractors, and builders to purchase and install one of three types of heat pumps.

Air-Source/Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps
These often use the air for the source of heat. The efficiency of an air-source heat pump falls during extremely cold weather and backup heating is usually needed. Air-source heat pumps often use electric strip heating for backup. Dual-fuel heat pumps use a gas or propane furnace as backup heating.

Ground-Source (Geo-Thermal) Heat Pumps
These pumps typically use water circulated through looped pipe buried in the ground to heat and cool. In the winter the liquid transfers the earth's heat into the home and in the summer the heat is removed from the home and transferred to the earth.

Replacing your current heating and cooling system with a heat pump will most likely cost more upfront, but you will save every month on your electric bill.

Still need another good reason to install a heat pump? If you install an approved heat pump you could be eligible for a rebate.

Heat Pump Rebate Program
This program applies to installations in buildings (both existing and new). Generally, each building or complex can only qualify once for these rebates, unless significant building additions cause the installation of additional heat pumps, or at least ten years have elapsed since the previous installation that was rebated.

Rebate Requirements
Current rebate amounts are, as follows:
  • 15.0 SEER Air-Source Heat Pumps- $250 per ton
  • 17.1 EER Ground-Source (Geo-Thermal) Heat Pumps- $800 per ton
  • New Air-Conditioning units with SEER rating of 16.0 or higher- $100 per ton

The latest Air-Conditioning, Heating ,and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Directories will be used to determine both the efficiency and capacity ratings for rebates.

How to get Started
Edmond Electric offers Home Energy Audits at no cost for interested customers. Contact Edmond Electric at (405) 216-7608 to schedule your free energy audit* and learn what type of heat pump would work best for your home. New home construction will require a load analysis, which can also be performed by an Edmond Electric auditor.

A certified residential energy auditor must perform an energy audit for a residence prior to installation. Also, Edmond Electric personnel must inspect the equipment after installation to confirm that program requirements are met. For new homes, the audit can be performed using information provided by the builder; this information must be verified when the installed equipment is inspected by Edmond Electric personnel.

*Must apply within 90 days from the date of completed installation of heat pump.

How Much Could I Save?
The possible savings are dependent on a number of factors: type of heat pump installed, the age, insulation and size of your home, living habits, and others.

Based on numbers compiled by Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA), if you replaced your old gas furnace and air-conditioning unit with an air-source or dual-fuel heat pump you could potentially cut your heating and cooling bill in half.

If you replace your gas furnace and air-conditioning unit with a ground-source (Geo-Thermal) heat pump, your yearly heating and cooling bill could be one-third of what it currently is. 

Qualifying Equipment
Electric heat pumps that meet the following criteria will qualify for rebates.
  • Air-source, water-source, and ground-source (Geo-Thermal) heat pumps all qualify, provided they meet the minimum efficiency standards.
  • Dual-fuel heat pumps qualify provided they meet installation criteria.
  • Electric heat pumps must be permanently installed split or single-packaged systems.
  • Heat pumps must also meet the minimum efficiency rating standards set by the rebate program as indicated above.

Call (405) 216-7608 to schedule your free home energy audit and begin the rebate process. Be sure to ask about the W.I.S.E. Loan Program.

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