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Why Should You Shop Edmond?

You support your local government operations.  Of the 8.25% sales tax you pay on purchases in Edmond, 3.75% comes back to our city and makes up the majority of our general fund revenues.  The general fund pays for services like police and fire protection, parks and recreation programs, improvements to our streets, and social services that assist our residents in times of need.

Fire Protection

Our sales taxes are actually less than in other metro area cities. It's true!  Not only will you find department stores, specialty shops and unique gifts in Edmond, you'll pay less sales tax.

2016 Metro Sales Tax Rates

You support local merchants who pay taxes here, donate to local charities and organizations, and provide for our community in many other ways.  Plus, local businesses employ your friends and neighbors!

Edmond 5th Street

How do I know if I am shopping in Edmond?  Your purchases must take place in the red-shaded area below.  If your purchases are made outside that area, your tax dollars will go to a different community.

Edmond City Limits Map

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