Make a Travel Kit

As an emergency backup, if you happen to get stranded or stuck in your car for several hours it is important to have some of the following items in your car during the winter months.

  • Windshield scraper, de-icer, snow shovel and small broom for ice and snow removal.
  • A cell phone with charger and a battery powered radio.
  • Several blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Mittens, they are warmer than gloves.
  • Rain gear, warm coats and extra sets of dry clothing, socks and a stocking cap.
  • Non-perishable snacks like dried fruit, nuts and other high energy snacks.
  • Bottled water. Melt snow as a last resort. Eating snow will lower your body temperature.
  • Sand or cat litter for generating traction under wheels and a set of tire chains or traction mats.
  • Jumper cables, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit and bright colored cloth such as a bandana to tie to antenna if you get stranded to attract attention.