Skid Avoidance Program

This course was developed by SKIDCAR International and specialized by our instructors to reflect local issues and road conditions. In a SKIDCAR, drivers experience hazardous road conditions at much lower speeds. Because of the safety factor, there's virtually no risk of injury. The Edmond Fire Department has one of only seven skid avoidance systems in the Nation.

The description below lists the objectives and some of the practical skills that are described in class and demonstrated behind the wheel. The Cost for this program is $175.00 per student.

Skid Avoidance Objectives:

  • Develop Insight as a professional emergency vehicle operator
  • Analyze driver decisions and how they are obtained
  • Define vehicle stability and weight transfer
  • Define friction
  • Define force and how it applies to the driver
  • Analyze types of braking
  • Analyze types of skids
  • Define radius
  • Define apex
  • Identify the pro-active driving line
  • Identify proper driving techniques and attitude

Skid Avoidance Skills:

  • Demonstrate proper braking
  • Demonstrate proper cornering
  • Demonstrate proper hand and eye movement
  • Demonstrate proper techniques for avoiding a skid and what corrective measures to take if you find yourself in a skid
  • Experience the effects of weight transfer
  • Feel the results of operating as a proactive driver

Upcoming Class Dates & Times

There are no upcoming class dates at this time. Please check back at a later date.

Registration Information

  1. Minimum attendance for the class to make is a total of ten students for each day whether in the morning session, afternoon or split between the two.
  2. Attendees will be given seven days’ notice of class cancelation.
  3. Individuals cancelling within seven days of class will not be refunded registration fee.
  4. Each session (morning and afternoon) will be a max of ten students.
  5. At this time, the only form of payment will be by check (PO).

For more information Email Chief of Training, Joe Elam, or call 405-216-7329