Sustainability News

Water Resources - Nissan Leafs

In October, 2018 the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) received two 2018 Nissan Leafs to use for water sampling. These vehicles are ideal for this function and have an all-electric range of 151 miles per charge. In addition, these vehicles are charged with 100% renewable wind energy through the Pure and Simple Wind Program.

Electric Vehicle 18The City of Edmond and the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) have been awarded two grants totaling $50,505.60 to install ten public and workplace Level 2, dual charging stations for electric vehicles.  These two grants were received in coordination with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) Clean Air Public Fleet Grant ($25,138.60), and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality 2019 Charge OK Grant Program ($25,367.00).

The four locations chosen in the grants are at Mitch Park near the Senior Center and trails, the Service-Blake Soccer Complex, the City First Administration Building in downtown, and the UCO Nigh Center Visitor Parking Lot.  Additional future public stations are being planned by Edmond Electric and currently include Show Biz Cinemas and the future Tennis Center on 15th Street.  Edmond Electric has also purchased a Level 3, fast charge station, though the location for that is still being determined.  Edmond locations will be registered with the Alternative Fuel Data Center station locator tool at

These sites will also be powered by 100% domestic wind energy through Edmond Electric and the OMPA.  The current plan is to have them installed in Fall 2019.