Fire Investigations

The Edmond Fire Investigations Unit (FIU) responds to all major fires in the city and is available 24 hours a day to investigate any incident where Incident Commanders request an investigator. The duties of the fire investigator include structure fires, motor vehicle fires, burns, explosions, and the investigation and enforcement of all laws and statutes related to fires & investigations.

The unit works closely with the Edmond Police Department and other 
local fire departments and law enforcement agencies with the common goal of eliminating incendiary fires. The Fire Investigation Unit tracks the causes of fires to determine if there are trends developing in our city. If a particular fire trend is detected through the efforts of the Fire Investigation Unit, the problem can then be addressed through other Fire Prevention activities such as Code Enforcement and Public Education.  Determining if a trend has developed is a very important function of the Fire Investigation Unit. 


Arson Hotline 

The Arson Hotline was established as an avenue for anyone to report information pertaining to a fire which occurred in the State of Oklahoma. If you have any tips or information which may be helpful to Edmond Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit, please call 1-800-522-8666 


For more information please contact the Edmond Fire Department Prevention Office at (405) 216-7303 or email