Animal Services


In an effort to limit the exposure of COVID-19 to our staff, volunteers and the public, Edmond Animal Services has made the following changes to the Animal Shelter operating procedures until further notice:

  • The shelter is open to the public, MASKS ARE REQUIRED.
  • We are accepting surrendered pets on a case-by-case basis until our shelter is full.
  • Residents who identify a stray animal that remains at large or appears dangerous, sick or injured can report the location of the animal by calling the shelter and an Animal Services Officer will respond to the area.
The Edmond Animal Services Unit is a component of the Edmond Police Department’s Special Services Division.
The Animal Services Unit is responsible for responding to calls for service within the community for issues involving animals –
both wild and domestic.
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Animal Services is also responsible for the enforcement of municipal and state laws concerning the treatment of animals; the management of the City’s animal shelter; the humane treatment and care of animals in the shelter; as well as striving to reunite lost animals with their families and find new homes for the adoptable animals at the shelter.