Simple Irrigation Plan


Simple Irrigation Plan (SIP) is your free online tool to find out when and how long to water your lawn. It takes the guesswork out of lawn watering by using Oklahoma Mesonet weather data to estimate your lawn's water needs. SIP includes custom watering times for bermuda grass, zoysia grass, and tall fescue lawns, for automatic or hose-end sprinklers.

SIP helps you:
  • Cut water waste
  • Decide how long to water
  • Grow a healthier lawn
  • Know when to water
  • Save water and save money
SIP features three products:
  • Simple Watering: An answer in seconds
  • Advanced Watering: Multiple lawn areas/zones
  • Advanced Watering Plus: Save Advanced Watering inputs
For more information on the Simple Irrigation Plan, please visit SIP- Mesonet.