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Oct 24

Thank You

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 4:49 PM by Molly Adams

As I write my last Mayor’s Message, I have mixed emotions. I am excited to tackle the new challenge of Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, and am honored to have been appointed by Governor Mary Fallin. But resigning as Edmond’s mayor is not easy. It is a job I love, and it is a part of my heart.

I have been honored to represent our city, as its chief ambassador. Regardless of where I traveled in Oklahoma, Edmond was held in high esteem. This city is truly a shining star in Oklahoma.

From the small business task force, to the soon-to-be-decided public safety center project, our city council has worked hard to build coalitions for the benefit of Edmond. As mayor, these issues were never easy – ours is a community with many diverse and valid opinions. We have come together to make decisions that keep Edmond’s high quality, while also being a community that welcomes new residents and businesses.

Running for mayor was the first time I sought elected office. Clearly, there is now another election in the future of the Douglas family. But we will never forget that first campaign, and how you welcomed us into your homes when we knocked on your doors. My oldest son Patrick had a great observation after a day of door knocking. He said, “Mom, people are worried about keeping our schools good, about staying safe, and about roads – beyond that, they just love living here.”

In the last years, I had the joy of visiting our public schools, and reading books to second graders. I had the privilege of seeing disabled athletes during the opening ceremony of the Endeavor Games. I had the honor of bringing mayors from across the country to visit our city. Edmond was named as Family Circle’s Best City to Raise a Family, and as CNBC named Edmond as America’s Best Suburb. We started these regular columns, Mayor’s Message, to keep Edmond citizens informed, and they turned out to be an overwhelming success.

I have had the honor of serving with dedicated council members like Charles Lamb, David Miller, Victoria Caldwell, Kay Bickham, and Elizabeth Waner. These are individuals of integrity who have a deep love for our community, and who give countless hours to make it a better place to live. We certainly did not always agree, but these folks were always willing to talk and bring solutions to the table.

My husband Brent, and sons Patrick and Phillip, say “thank you” as well. From the perspective of a mayor’s family, Edmond has been supportive and welcoming. Without their willingness to eat pizza for dinner, and to go to countless community events, I could not have made this venture a success.

Oklahoma is a great state. We should be proud to live in these United States, in Oklahoma, and most particularly, in Edmond. Thank you for the privilege of serving as Edmond’s mayor.

Signing off,
Patrice Douglas