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Flashover Training Class - Live Fire Training Verification Form

  1. TO: Jon Neely, Chief Training Officer
  2. SUBJECT: Training Center
    Live Burn Training Verification
    (includes Gas and Non-Gas Fired Burn Buildings, Exterior Props, and Class A and/or B Fires)
  3. I verify that I have the NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions prerequisite training requirements to participate in live burn training:*

    FFI Objectives (NFPA 1001)
    3-3 Safety
    3-5 Fire Behavior
    3-6 Portable Extinguishers
    3-7 Personal Protective Equipment
    3-11 Ladders
    3-12 Fire Hose, Appliances, and Streams
    3-16 Overhaul
    3-19 Water Supply
  4. I attest that the above stated student is proficient in these areas/skills and is prepared to participate in TRAINING CENTER LIVE FIRE TRAINING
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