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Edmond Tree Grants Application

  1. Eligibility

    • Neighborhood groups and K-12 public schools (or associated parent teacher organizations) within Edmond city limits are eligible. (Find out if your site is within city limits)
    • Previous grant recipients may apply for another grant if a past project has been successfully completed and approved by the Urban Forestry Department.
    • Projects must incorporate a tree planting event involving members of the organization's community (i.e. residents of the neighborhood or students at the school).


  3. When an application is submitted by a school's parent teacher organization, written approval from the school administrator must be provided. A signed memo may be attached in this section, or the administrator may send an email stating their approval of the tree grant request to

  4. Points of Contact

    Applications must include two points of contact for the neighborhood/school group who will be responsible for coordinating with the Urban Forestry Department on project details, organizing volunteers and tools for the tree planting event, overseeing the tree maintenance plan, and corresponding with Urban Forestry up until approval of the Final Inspection.

  5. Project intent, benefits to the neighborhood/school and greater community, detailed statement of objectives, explanation of how you intend to involve the organization's community in planting the trees (including who will participate and details about the event).

  6. Please include street address and description of area where trees will be planted. For eligible neighborhood groups, projects must be located within neighborhood-managed areas such as right-of-ways or platted common areas. For eligible public schools, projects must be located on school grounds or right-of-way adjacent to the school.

  7. Maximum number that may be requested for available sizes:
    Seedlings - 100
    3 gal containers - 25
    15 gal containers - 8

  8. Detailed plan for providing aftercare for the trees until establishment. Describe who tasks will be assigned to, the schedule of care, and methods. Please be specific, and include information about:
    -- How trees will be watered and who will be responsible for making sure that tree are watered. Newly planted trees require supplemental water weekly during the growing season and every other week during the dormant season. Hand watering and drip irrigation are acceptable methods for applying water. (Sprinkler heads will not sufficiently meet water needs)
    -- Considerations for avoiding tree damage in lawn management. Coordination with those responsible for lawn maintenance is crucial in avoiding damage by mowers/weed trimmers.
    -- Plan for other maintenance such as replenishment of mulch, weed control, stake removal, etc. (methods and schedule)

  9. Please submit photos of the proposed project area and a sketch of the area showing where the trees will be planted.

  10. In submitting this application, I acknowledge that the Points of Contact for my project will be responsible for:
    • Project application/proposal and related correspondence with Urban Forestry
    •Coordinating between Urban Forestry and the neighborhood/school
    •Meeting and corresponding with Urban Forestry to finalize project details
    •Determining tree layout and marking planting spots
    • Locating underground utilities within the project area through CallOkie.
    • Organizing volunteers and tools for the planting event
    •Overseeing the Tree Maintenance Plan
    •Maintaining contact availability with Urban Forestry up until approval of the Final Inspection

    The Urban Forestry Department will provide:
    • Facilitation of grant review process
    •Technical assistance for project details such as a site assessment, tree species and general planting design guidance, and other site considerations
    • Procurement of trees for the project
    •Collaboration with Points of Contact on the community planting event. Event support, including planting demonstration and technical guidance during event
    • Technical guidance on maintenance issues
    •Final Inspection


  11. Review Process

    • Once received, applications will be placed on the next Urban Forestry Commission agenda for review and consideration. The Urban Forestry Commission meets at 4:30 PM on the second Wednesday of the month at the Downtown Community Center (28 E Main St, room 103).
    • If approved, Urban Forestry Department will facilitate next steps with the Points of Contact. Additional information may be needed from the Points of Contact prior to approval of an application.

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